With so many websites and so much information for people to digest in our modern world, you need to stand out from the crowd and make sure that you grab the attention of your visitors and readers. Newspapers have been doing this for years and this shouldn’t change just because your electronic and writing on your website or an email campaign. So what points should you consider when writing your main headlines?

The first thing that you need to get right in writing on your website is the headline. It’s the thing that will grab the eye of your reader. Most people ‘skim read’ initially when looking at a website or email and if something doesn’t grab their attention, they might not read on.

It needs to motivate them to read more, to grab their attention, maybe invoke some doubt, or make them answer a question you’ve asked. Get them hooked on what you’ve written and they’ll want to read the rest of your article, website or email.

Hand Craft Your Headline

  1. Try to focus on your reader. What do they need to do? try not to talk to much about ‘we’ on your site or article.
  2. Try not to give everything away in the title. Invoke some curiosity to entice your readers into the rest of what you’ve written.
  3. Being clever for the sake of it will turn off your visitors. They are only interested in what’s in it for them.
  4. The rest of your article or website is also very important, so use sub-headings, bullet points, table and whitespace.
  5. Make sure that your headline stands out, tells people what they are about to read and excites them.

Email Split Testing

If you are sending email campaigns, you can choose to send a split campaign. This is where you send an email with ‘Heading A’ to some people and ‘Heading B’ to some others. The system will then determine who opens the most emails and use that to send to everyone else, so that you have more chance of people reading your emails.