We hope that you have realised that social media is another great way to market yourself, your business and your website.

However how many people do you follow that don’t say anything anymore.

They might have a widget embedded into their website that has no recent updates, they’ve said nothing to their audience in months. Are they still alive? Has their business folded?

Starting to use social media is one thing, using it well and consistently is a very different thing.

Here are a few ideas to avoid Social Media Stagnation.

Talk about what you did this week

Talking about what you have done for your clients this week is a great starting point if you are stuck for social media inspiration.

You’re all doing lots of work for lots of clients right, so talk about it. Mention what you’ve just done for one client, what a great service you’ve just provided, how you helped them out, how much money you saved them and the problems you solved for them.

You might not want to name names (depends on who they are), but you can tell a great story. People will then relate to that story and it helps them to understand what a busy person you are and what a great company you work for.

News and Industry Trends

There is always news and if your business sector is affected by something, talk about it. If there is a news story related to what you do, comment on it.

When some new law or legislation is introduced, tell your customers about it.

News happens all the time and offering advice about it or an opinion on it, is a great way to show your knowledge and expertise in that area.

People are People

Talk about other people. They might be your customers, your staff or colleagues.

People buy from people, before they buy products and services, so talking about the people in your company, other customers, suppliers and colleagues helps to build those all essential business relationships.

Case Studies and Projects

If you’ve just completed a really great project, write down what you did and turn it into a case study. People love reading stories rather than sales pitches and it can help to show how you did something for a customer rather than just trying to sell to someone directly.


We know that you all ask for testimonials from your customers (you do don’t you?) . When you get a great one, shout about it. Tell all of your followers what a great job you’ve done and that your customers think so too.

mmmm, What a Nice Cup of Coffee

What we don’t want to hear about is what a great cup of coffee you’ve just made yourself or that it’s still raining outside.

If you start to bang on about boring things, things that are unrelated to your business, your industry sector or the main reason why I started following you in the first place, you’ll get unfollowed faster than you know.

Don’t just post blatant adverts unless there is something special about it, like “buy one get one free” or discount until the end of July.

Your audience are a savvy bunch and want to hear things that make you interesting, from your area of expertise and not how much peanut butter you’ve just put on your toast.

A Little and Often is Best

So make time in your busy lives (maybe just 30 minutes a week) to shout about what you are doing, who you are doing it for, tell stories, re-post testimonials, but try to keep that content flowing.