Talking about the latest news within your company and your industry is vital for your online visitors.
It shows that you are in touch with reality, that you are in touch with the rest of your industry, and are active within that community. It gives your visitors faith that you are current and relevant.

However, if your news is out of date – you are doing far more harm than good.

Latest News – or is it?

It’s great that you’ve taken the time to post the latest news, that’s relevant to your visitors and customers. Sadly that was 2 years ago, and since then you haven’t been bothered to update it.

So now everyone thinks that your latest news was exactly that and since then you’ve done nothing. Well if you had, you’d post it onto your website wouldn’t you. I mean you aren’t sat there doing nothing. You’ve been busy. Aha, that’s it. You’ve been too busy to be bothered about telling everyone the latest news in your business.

You are not too busy to care about your online visitors; are you?

Posting the latest news about your business is part of your essential company activity. This is part of your marketing plan. Keeping your online visitors informed about your business. Telling them about what’s been going on and letting them know that you are still in business.

Old News is No News

There is nothing worse than going to a website and seeing old news.

  • The news that there is going to be an increase in the VAT rate, when it happened 18 months ago.
  • That capital gains tax might be going up soon, when it went up 14 months previously.
  • That you’ve just moved offices, when everyone knows you’ve been there 3 years.
  • Welcome to Jenny in admin, who worked for you for two years and has now left.

Do something at least monthly

It doesn’t take much to put finger to keyboard at least once a month to convey the activities within your business. There is so much that you can talk about that you are doing that enables your online visitors to keep in touch with your goings on. It makes you sound like your business is actually going somewhere.

You could talk about:

  • Your latest customers and projects
  • News within your immediate industry
  • Add some case studies and testimonials
  • Photographs of your work
  • Talk about your new services or changes to your existing ones
  • Additions to your team, your people or management
  • New product lines
  • Events, meetings and activities
  • Tell stories that will engage your audience

You have no excuse not to be able to write about the progress that your business is making, other than you are poor at planning, can’t be bothered to do it or don’t see the immense value of doing so.


The best way to do this is to make sure that your website has a content management system in place so that you can swiftly add your news onto your website yourself. Or have a great website design company who can help to do this with you on a regular basis.

A dedicated news facility is great or just create yourself a blog, where you can write articles, case studies and news for your audience to read.

Spend the time your website deserves on it. Neglect it at your peril. If it looks like you have neglected your website, your online visitors will think that you have neglected them as well.