People use the Internet to locate information. Provide it as part of your web site design and provide the latest information. This means that you have to update your web site design often. Bring people back to your site by providing important or hard to find information. You can also use your web site to give information about your latest sales.

If you decide to give time sensitive information as part of your web site design, make sure that you update it often. There is nothing more irritating than to find details about events that have already happened, or offers that have now expired. If you don’t have time to keep your web site design current, ask Clarke Design to automate these aspects for you.

Creating new content on a frequent basis can be time consuming. There are ways you can give your content a boost without spending all of your time writing or gathering information.

Automated content can be displayed based upon certain criteria; users first visit to a web site, a return visit, time based information that changes every day, week or month. If you have a user profile for a web site, why not personalise the site they see based on their personal choices.

Without turning your site into an online brochure, you can use your traditional media materials on the web. If you have an “About” page, you can include press releases, news articles and photos or company profiles that may already be in brochure form. You can also re-purpose print advertising and place it on the appropriate pages on your site.