Though it’s true that writing compelling headlines is something that will take some time to practice and master, you don’t need to be a genius copywriter to come of up with something that helps you generate more interest and more website traffic.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to help you get started writing great article headlines:

1) The Tried and Tested “How-To” Headline

People love reading “How-To” articles, and it’s not something that works with just a single topic. You can write How-To posts about anything and your headline doesn’t have to be complicated or take too long to create.

Your headline for this is simple:

  • How To [Fill in the Blank]


Though you can create something pretty simple out of this, you can also use it to create something that’s even more compelling

For example:

  • How to write a new article every day – This is simple and can attract a reader who is looking to learn about how to write more efficiently and often.
  • How to write fantastic website articles that will win you more business – This headline reflects something similar to the one above, however, it is infinitely better. The headline, without being very long, gives the reader the hope of learning how to write engaging articles that will bring in more business. The result, a new reader who clicks the headline to read more.

2) Create Lists

Another way to create headlines with impact is to create a numbered list article with a corresponding title. People love lists because they make the brain think that they don’t have to do as much work to understand the topic at hand.

List articles have the potential of going viral. These also take some time to master, but creating them and measuring the response from your audience will help you hone your skill in creating them.

Here are a few examples of about to write up a list related headline:

Seven (7) is pretty much the magic number of list articles so if you’re going to start off trying one of these out, then try your list article and headline with that number.

Just as a tip, list articles are supposed to be more like bite-sized snippets of useful information. So try to keep each one of your points short, sweet and to the point so that you don’t overwhelm your audience.

3) Reveal Something Secret

Even for those of us who aren’t gossip queens, I’m sure we all still love to find out something kind of secret. Headlines that promise to reveal secrets quickly invoke curiosity and encourage reading.

I mean, if you’re writing articles and want to learn more about online marketing, wouldn’t you click on a headline like this?

  • The Number One Secret All Online Marketing Gurus Don’t Want Your To Learn

What’s the secret? Why don’t they want me to know it? How can I find out more?

That’s really powerful, right?

4) Resolve a Problem

Everyone runs into a situation in life that is like an itch they just can’t scratch — and it’s so annoying! Offer to help people remove that problem and they’ll be clicking your eye-catching headline in no time:

  • Get Rid of [Insert Issue Here]
  • Eliminate [That Problem Goes Here]

The problem can be anything, but the words, “Get Rid of” or “Eliminate” prompt a mental sigh of relief. Now you just have to deliver with something useful and epic.

5) Make it Fast and Easy

We live in a fast and crazy world and people are busy with life and work. They need something simple that can help to make things a little less complicated and easier or that can save them time.

Here are some headline ideas to deliver the goods:

  • 7 Quick and Easy Tips to [Fill in the Blank]
  • The Quick and Simple Way to [Fill in the Blank]
  • Save an Hour a Day by [Fill in the Blank]

The headline says it all: fast and easy.

Your Quick Reference for Creating Great Headlines

So, to conclude, try to create headlines about “How-To”, Lists, Secrets, Problem Solving, or Time-Saving and your articles will start to bring in more readers.