Author: Clarke Design

Don’t Google a www address

So many people get very confused with what to do with a website address. The www bit. Its official name is a URL – Universal Resource Locator – it’s a unique address for a website or a specific website page. However, lots of people type a www address into a search engine, usually Google. Whilst that can work, it’s just wrong, wastes time and sometimes doesn’t work as you’d expect. Google is a search engine It helps you find things when you don’t know quite what you are looking for, like “Chinese restaurants in Cheshire” This will bring up...

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How to take website photos and video

As smartphone cameras become ever better and apps help to improve even the most amateur of us into budding photographers, one key thing can make all the difference in a photograph. Orientation – Landscape or Portrait Sadly, it’s natural to hold a smartphone the same way as you do to look at the screen when you also take a photograph; upright, in portrait mode and snap away. However, as tablets, laptops, desktops and TVs are all mostly landscape mode (i.e. wider than they are tall), landscape oriented photographs are just so much more versatile and work so much better...

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Website Design Packages – The Benefits and Pitfalls

Many website design companies offer Website Design Packages, where for a fixed price you’ll get a basic website design, some hosting, maybe a domain name and at the end you’ll get a website. Sounds Great. However, whilst these packaged websites have some great advantages, they’ll also introduce some pitfalls along the way. Here we discuss a few of the benefits and some of the pitfalls to watch out for. It’s Like Building a Bookcase The first major benefit of a website design package is usually the price, after all that’s probably why you are considering an “off the shelf”...

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