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DIY Website or use a Professional

During the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are looking to adapt what they do. This may involve changing what they do online, providing some different services, maybe selling online, offering virtual services, electronic rather than physical options.

You have also got some time on your hands as your usual business reduces, so you think about diversifying and as you are now time rich and maybe cash poorer, you think about doing things yourself.

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Why you shouldn’t use Wix for your business website

Sure, it’s simple — but the wildly-popular website creation platform might not be the best tool for your online business. Building a website for your business can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself. In recent years, a lot of online tools have appeared on the market so that budding entrepreneurs feel they can use them when it comes to the technical component of setting up an online business. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the online business world, it’s a safe bet that you’ve at least seen an advert or three for one...

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Why do I sometimes have to pay for WordPress updates

WordPress is a magnificent tool and powers a massive number of websites across the internet. Every WordPress website is built from the main WordPress core, a theme to determine the look and feel of the website and some additional plugins to give your website the functionality you need. Nearly every website designer that uses WordPress as their foundation also uses third-party themes, plugins and extensions to build your website. If they had to write all of these from scratch, rather than buying in a pre-written plugin, your website would cost tens of times more and website designers would keep having...

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Why do we charge for fixing a website

Websites are our world and we design, build and maintain them all day every day. However sometimes, like with any technology, they can go wrong. Sometimes it’s just a typo, a colour change, replacing an incorrect photo or the wrong email or phone number… Other times, it’s something more serious that breaks the website, stops a vital component from working, or shuts down the whole site. These more serious issues naturally take time to resolve. Sometimes they are due to the operating system on the web server being updated. Maybe the WordPress core has been updated or a plugin...

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